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8 Easy, Healthy Recipes for Your Favorite Restaurant Meals

Try this recipe: Wedge Salad with Shiitake “Bacon” 

The old-school American starter isn’t hard to whip up; it’s typically just iceberg lettuce that’s been topped with crumbled bacon, chopped tomatoes, and onions, and a blue cheese dressing. But those few ingredients—mainly the bacon and blue cheese—tack on excess calories fast.

Since bacon isn’t exactly heart-healthy, we remade the classic appetizer with a vegetarian bent, swapping real bacon for shiitake ‘bacon’ bits—AKA mushrooms that get baked until they’re crispy, so they take on a similar smoky flavor. A buttermilk dressing made from avocado oil mayonnaise and a light dusting of blue cheese bring down the dish’s fat content too.

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