Bizarre transparent ‘alien cylinder’ spotted on live NASA feed – Fox News

UFO experts claim a mysterious object captured flying past the International Space Station (ISS) on NASA’s live feed is actually an “alien cylinder”. Baffling footage shows the item suddenly appearing out the window of the space station, getting closer before fading away. Conspiracy theorist Scott C Waring, who runs UFO Sightings Daily, shared the footage, […]

After the March for Science, It’s Time to Get Political – Huffington Post

The debate that’s been most interesting for me is whether or not the March for Science is “political.” Some groups, including many of the large science associations involved in the march, have spoken of the effort as non-political. Science, they argue, is something that exists outside of politics and needs to stay there, rather than […]

Lights Off, Blankets Out: Lyrid Meteor Shower Peaks Tonight – NPR

Conditions are expected to be ideal for viewing the Lyrid meteor shower on Friday night and Saturday morning.This long-exposure photograph taken on April 23, 2015, shows the Lyrid meteors passing near the Milky Way in the clear night sky near Yangon, Myanmar. Ye Aung Thu/AFP/Getty Images hide caption toggle caption Ye Aung Thu/AFP/Getty Images Conditions […]

Cosmic Speck: See Earth Through Saturn’s Rings in Amazing Cassini Photo –

The Cassini spacecraft spotted Earth as a bright speck (and the moon as a smaller speck) between Saturn’s broad rings as the craft prepares for its final dive into the ringed planet’s atmosphere. Cassini was 870 million miles (1.4 billion kilometers) from Earth the night of April 12-13 when it snapped this […]

Tiny ‘hobbits’ were actually a separate species: study – New York Post

Big news about little people! The “hobbits” — a tiny species of man that once walked the earth — aren’t simply shrunken versions of modern humans as researchers had previously thought, according to a study published Friday. The 3-foot-tall race, which lived in Indonesia hundreds of thousands of years ago, were actually a completely different […]

Thousands of tiny satellites are about to go into space and possibly ruin it forever – Washington Post

Halfway through the European Space Agency’s new film, we’re at the part where — if this were some happy space documentary from yesteryear — Carl Sagan might be giving us a tour of a distant galaxy. But it’s 2017, Sagan is dead, and this is a film about space trash. So six minutes in, we’re stuck a mere 800 miles above Earth, watching […]

People trust science. So why don’t they believe it? – USA TODAY

Climate change activists carry signs as they march during a protest in Philadelphia a day before the start of the Democratic National Convention, on July 24, 2016.(Photo: John Minchillo, AP) Scientists and their allies are expected to fill the streets of the nation’s capital Saturday for Earth Day’s March for Science, advocating for the importance of […]

[ April 20, 2017 ] Two fresh crew members join space station expedition Mission Reports – Spaceflight Now

STORY WRITTEN FOR CBS NEWS & USED WITH PERMISSION Astronaut Thomas Pesquet took this picture of the Soyuz MS-04 spacecraft approaching the International Space Station on Friday. Credit: Thomas Pesquet/ESA/NASA Veteran cosmonaut Fyodor Yurchikhin and rookie flight engineer Jack Fischer streaked into orbit aboard a Russian Soyuz ferry craft Thursday, chased down the International Space Station and […]

Most Habitable Earth-Like Planets May Be Waterworlds – Gizmodo

More common than you might think. (Image: Interstellar) Over 70 percent of our planet is covered in water, and we tend to think that’s a lot. A new study suggests that our world is special in this regard, and that most habitable planets are dominated by oceans that consume over 90 percent their surface area. […]

The Arctic Ocean Is Clogging With Billions of Plastic Bits – The Atlantic

The Arctic Ocean Is Clogging With Billions of Plastic Bits – The Atlantic

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