Samsung’s biggest challenge now is Google software, not Apple hardware – The Verge

It’s an occupational hazard among gadget geeks to fixate on new hardware, and yesterday’s introduction of the gorgeous Galaxy S8 by Samsung made that easier than ever. I could write for days about how pretty and pleasant that new handset is. But I also notice that the traditional competitive narrative of my smartphone versus your […]

Windows 10 Creators Update: The 5 biggest changes – PCWorld

Windows 10 just keeps getting bigger and better. Microsoft just announced that the Windows 10 Creators Update will start rolling out on April 11, building upon the foundation laid by vanilla Windows 10 and its subsequent “November” and “Anniversary” updates. While not every feature that Microsoft promised at the Creators Update’s reveal last fall actually […]

Lawmakers sacrificed your browsing history? Post theirs online – CNET

A cheeky advocate of online privacy wants to take the lid off of Congress’ web-browsing habits. Getty Images Politicians can dish it out. But can they take it? That’s the thinking behind a clever online campaign that protests Tuesday’s vote by House Republicans to pull the plug on internet privacy rules. As you may’ve heard, […]

How Mass Effect: Andromeda gets multiplayer right – PC Gamer

Considering past trends, Mass Effect’s co-op horde multiplayer mode ought to be rubbish. Big studios went through a phase of tacking vestigial multiplayer modes onto their big singleplayer games, to encourage long-term engagement and sell some loot boxes. These modes were crap because they were transparently produced to meet business aims rather than enrich the […]

Tesla Model 3 details: first cars will be rear-drive, no speedometer behind steering wheel – ExtremeTech

With Tesla no more than nine months away from initial production of the Model 3, more information is appearing. Some of it’s minor, some major. For instance, Elon Musk tweeted that the speedometer won’t be in the usual position behind the steering wheel. Separately, he acknowledged that early production of the Model 3 would be […]

Unlocked Galaxy S8 preorders start May 9. Here’s why it’s smart to wait – CNET

Samsung Galaxy S8’s major makeover This year’s flagship phone gets a sexy new design and Bixby, a house-made digital assistant. by Jessica Dolcourt Starting tonight, you can preorder the gorgeous new Samsung Galaxy S8. Or you could wait until May 9, when Best Buy will begin offering unlocked versions of Samsung’s new Galaxy phones you […]

Your internet privacy for sale – New York Daily News

The companies Americans pay $40, $60, $80 or more a month to deliver a reliable home internet connection are getting free rein to sell their personal information without their permission. What makes this assault on privacy especially egregious: It is brought to you by the so-called party of individual freedom — via […]

Galaxy S8 Vs Galaxy S8 Plus: What’s The Difference? – Forbes

Samsung has launched the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus, surprise! In all seriousness, after months of (truly unparalleled) leaks Samsung’s 2017 flagship smartphones are here and a lot has changed. Mostly for the better, but there is also some stagnation and a few areas of possible regression. So what has Samsung got right with […]

Samsung Galaxy S8 hands-on: Samsung produces a stunning redesign – Ars Technica

reader comments 31 NEW YORK CITY—After tons of leaks and speculation, the Galaxy S8 is finally here. Samsung took the wraps off its newest flagship at the swanky Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, and we spent a few minutes testing the device out. I’m a bit spoiled by having seen recent slim bezel devices like the Xiaomi […]

Samsung’s Bixby assistant needs to grow up. Fast (hands-on) – CNET

See Samsung Bixby in action The new digital assistant hops aboard Samsung’s Galaxy S8. by Jessica Dolcourt Samsung’s new Bixby assistant for the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus (and beyond) isn’t exactly like Siri, Google Voice Search, Amazon Alexa or Microsoft Cortana, and that may confound you. Especially when Google Assistant also lives on both […]

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