Reaction to 9-11 around the world

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25 Comments for “Reaction to 9-11 around the world”

  1. TheMattd546

    I did real research. not just watching videos on youtube either. I actually
    worked to on getting deleted videos from survailence systems of a few of
    the terrorist before they went on planes. I seen that with my own eyes.
    also the video you talking about this “CNN reporter” that video was taken
    way before there was a warrant out for him. it has been proven but the
    conspiracy world doesn’t want you all to know that. they hold truth back.

  2. XelNagaStalker

    GO VIKINGS! lol

  3. NinjaKiwiGamer1

    Who gives two shits? People don’t give any shits about inside jobs or not,
    they care about the planes hitting the buildings, they care about the
    fucking 3,000 people who died, so please do yourself a favor and get
    yourself and your conspiracy bullcrap out of here.

  4. checkma8te


  5. checkma8te

    Shut your trap fool.

  6. imthefrogman1


  7. Shawn B

    it hurts as an american to watch this. everytime those buildings callapse
    my heart sinks

  8. TheMattd546

    you conspiracy folks have 0 evidence. and every time you guys say you do,
    it gets debunked the same day it comes out. every time I see a video saying
    “proof” or whatever ends up being video edited to support what they are
    saying. I’ve seen a ton of fake videos that show what did NOT happened. its
    not an inside job.

  9. checkma8te

    Inside job you retard.

  10. alejandra diaz

    We will never forget.

  11. Jesse Henley

    R.I.P to the victims

  12. bri hallemann

    God bless the USA

  13. whitney thatcher

    You just can’t help but bet

  14. Herman8901

    Yes our records do show that civilians have been purchasing rifle
    ammunition, how ever it is also not the TSA purchasing ammunition it is
    homeland security and they are purchasing hollow points.

  15. rigamarrow

    By civilians, yet/!Thar’s not what our records show. Which leads us to
    wonder why the perverts at TSAneed so much ammunition?

  16. whitney thatcher


  17. Zach Lentsch

    Seeing those tower’s smoking alway’s brings me back to when i was 9 again
    watching with horror, this thing i didn’t understand.

  18. Herman8901

    Not anymore no. But at that time understand millions of rounds were being
    purchased by civilians, creating the current ammo shortage we have today.

  19. GoToSleep1993

    Most are in texas.

  20. NhsMustangs92

    yea bro translations will help

  21. stephen bell

    I was in the field in fort hood texas……our eyes were closed
    then…..they were opened up quick…..damn shame so many had to die.

  22. Joseinterpol

    I still get chills when i was this footage.

  23. wowisuckatmath

    @kill28illuminati what does fluoride have to do with anything

  24. theshoeminator

    How about you learn some German instead?

  25. bestwatch

    Just because you loss your friend in the attack doesn’t mean it wasn’t
    planned by America. You’r just another patriot (which is no longer a good
    thing). America is an evil country full of naive citizen. PS: I’m an

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