BBC World News Mishal Husain intervews Sri Lankan High Commissioner Chris Nonis

“Impact” presenter Mishal Husain challenged Sri Lanka’s High Commissioner Dr Chris Nonis over criticisms of his government’s human rights record and the cont…

25 Comments for “BBC World News Mishal Husain intervews Sri Lankan High Commissioner Chris Nonis”

  1. Anjula Rasanga Weerasinghe

    Its funny how Mishal (Including the international community) tries to avoid
    the facts of child soldier cases (thousands of innocent tamil kids),
    suicide bombings (attacks on innocent civilions) & other crimes commited by
    LTTE terrorists.

  2. Stupid British Fuck

    Why this vitriolic diatribe against a talented representative of Sri Lanka?
    Are you engaged in a proxy propaganda war against Dr. Nonis? There seems to
    be a ‘dichotomy or disjuncture in perception,’ in the portrayals of Sri
    Lanka and its contemporary reality by you. Fortunately for you, Sri Lanka
    practices restorative justice, not punitive. 

  3. imtiaz mohamed

    High commissioner depending srilankan government, he is a politician now,
    1983 communal violance all supporters of High Commissioner speech is
    totally forget and 30 years war srilankan government cannot finish without
    support of international community. we have forces but who supply arms to
    srilankan government? Whaterver LTTE has done is cant fogive at the same
    time government also done more than them for innocent tamil civillans
    during the war with LTTE. Now we can normally see how many terrorist
    Buddhist groups are form by the Government to hit and blame on minorities?
    government take any decision to stop them? never whatever these stupid
    monks are making statments are always give most priority in sinhala medias.
    without world communtiy srilanka cant surivive. if there is no forign
    currency government cant surivive. still talking about the past doing
    nothing for the future of srilankans. Late Bandaranayaka and srilanka
    freedom party always making problems for the minority. singhalease are
    working all over the world and most of the countries they hold
    nationalities. Government doing all mistakes with the help of extremist

  4. Thivya Thivyan

    Mr. Chris NONIS is paid to lie and he is lying eloquently. 🙂

    “An ambassador is an honest gentleman sent abroad to lie for the good of
    his country” -Sir Henry Wotton

  5. slace1000


  6. Harsha Siriwardena

    really sad to see these kind of ill mannered journalist .. #sigh!

  7. sheron mendis

    you don’t have to say sorry lady…cause you found a time to listen pulse

  8. my comm

    BiXXX Just because you talk fast, does not mean that you are smart. Talk
    over someone does not present you as a smart person. Be smart about the
    subject matter before the interview.

  9. gimmesomedosh1

    This fellow has definitely seen those videos or pretending that he wasn’t
    aware of the horrendous crimes committed by the Srilankan Thugs.

  10. Roshan Silva

    She was totally screwed & ends the program in a hurry…(lol) It was just
    that she tried to convey their stupid ideas irrespective of what Mr. Nonis
    replies.. She should have done it all alone without wasting His
    Excellency’s time.. Anyway each of these individual directly or indirectly
    try to provoke conflict will be suffered by the curse of thousands of
    people of all ethnicity in Sri Lanka & hence life will be miserable… God
    Bless Sri Lanka!! 

  11. Nick Anthony

    So Hugh Segal, was Sri Lanka heading in the right direction during the war?
    Was religious freedom etc present in the country during the war? Maybe Sri
    Lanka should have used a drone to end the war and he would shut up. 

  12. obmoloc82

    hats off to dr. nonis….
    Y cant this muslim interviewer question US n UK leaders for killing
    thousonds of fellow muslims in Iraq n Afghanistan…??? 

  13. indike basnayake

    y is this bitch cant wait for the reply ??? this bbc owned bitch is
    interrupting the speech of hc hey mishal husain (bitch) you guys shame to
    the real journalists 

  14. Mike Soertsz

    Ignorant interviewers like this do so much harm to the progress we’ve
    already made in the country. Sigh. Ignorant. 

  15. Cade Lewis

    She is the one talking here. 

  16. Janaka Niroshantha

    She is not allowing to speak to commissioner. She has no manners and always

  17. Rocky Basnayaka

    It’s boggles my mind how incapable this bitch is to understand a perfectly
    well explained point. either that or she’s she’s so narrow minded and
    brainwashed – would not listened to a person FROM the country they are
    talking about. 

  18. atomic8punk

    This Canadian Bold fuck have got proxy propaganda with Tamil diaspora.

  19. Vidura Kanishka

    this reporter is in her Ass…. dsnt wanna hear about their issues but
    tryna solve others :- & she is a Muslim.
    she dsnt challenged – she only interrupts !!! B****

  20. Ashan Ransilige

    Its nice to have someone responsible interviewed other than LTTE Jokers to
    ask about SL

  21. lush han

    it’s a shame that he’s the only person who had guts to voice for Sri Lanka.
    If only there is politician who could take all these ppl to Jaffna and
    other areas to show them, and show and them all those tamils those have
    rehabilitated . And i cannot understand the presenter keeps inturrupting
    what he has to say. Lack of professionalism.

  22. Luca Maduranga

    This bitch born from a Dog when this guy talking about northern ireland how
    quick she change her topic fuck you and your mafucking mama

  23. pcbot17

    As a Sri Lankan its really funny when I see people like this lady in the
    video talk about their interpretation of my country. I have very close
    tamil friends and Muslim friends.. And I know as a fact that very single
    citizen is glad the war ended. There were times we were scared to go in a
    bus due to TERRORIST suicide bombers. I am talking as a person who almost
    got caught to a bus bomb. I capitalized TERRORIST because I dont hear these
    reporters refer to the LTTE as a terrorist organization. They call them
    rebels. Respectfully I would like to point out that a rebel is a person who
    will fight for a caught against the people RESPONSIBLE for the cause.. What
    is the point of suicide bombing public buses full of innocent people? What
    were they trying to achieve by killing thousands of innocent mothers,
    fathers, children and even monks? Sri Lanka has a vibrant society which
    spans across 2500 + years with a rich culture and natural beauty. Please
    show some respect towards the independence and the democracy of my
    beautiful country. I really admire the rehabilitation and reconstruction
    process done through out these 4 years. We as a nation admire the effort.
    It is sad how people who call themselves journalists simply sit on a chair
    and try to judge the magnitude of the immense efforts that are carried out
    throughout our country. It is purely shameful and pathetic. You may try to
    break our spirit. But we all will always rise up as a vibrant nation which
    consists of Sinhalese Tamils and Muslims. 

  24. clive anton

    Very true conversation about sri lanka 2013.

  25. Thilanga Bandara

    Great Mr. Chris Nonis !

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