BBC World News English: Series 1 – Oxford University Grant Scheme

Authentic interviews by BBC News journalists on international news items to grab the attention of an adult audience. With topics ranging from global warming …
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Part three of the ‘Factor’ hate series. Fox News: Madison, Wisconsin explains Fox News hate…

10 Comments for “BBC World News English: Series 1 – Oxford University Grant Scheme”

  1. iowa girl

    Go to Iowa City, IA campus and the Pedestrian Mall area. You will see a
    diverse group of people. Good, Strange, Ugly, Beautiful and hopefully open
    minded. I would just love to know how the college age and recent grads
    feel about Obama and the economy in general.

  2. Preston Mizell

    “I thought I hid those papers” XD hahaha

  3. Justin Mojica

    I lived in Madison for 10 years and it is true that liberals there are
    violently closed minded.

  4. Django Reinhardt

    Toronto has a lot of liberal fags but still tons of us conservatives.

  5. Gino Scolari Jr

    Watters needs his own show!

  6. rdean1

    What movie that has the quote “this man is CRAZY!”

  7. Casey Craft

    come to shreveport, la

  8. kate john

    its called what about bob

  9. dntpokdabear

    Welcome to “Planet Madison” this does not represent the rest of the State…

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