Young Australian dancers reinvent Lord Of The Flies – SBS World News Australia

Young Australian dancers from refugee and migrant families perform in an exciting new work. Michelle Hanna reports for SBS World News Australia.
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Item on Gaza by reporter Jon Donnison and introduced by Zeinab Badawi. Shown on World News Today, BBC4, 7pm on Thursday, 11 November 2010. The three-minute r…
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4 Comments for “Young Australian dancers reinvent Lord Of The Flies – SBS World News Australia”

  1. Joe Kelsall

    Israel can do its worst. GAZA IS NOT MASADA!’

  2. ada2step

    sorry but samalia is worse of the these people

  3. Conquistador2112

    I loved it when Yigal Palmor said the occupation is because “it’s territory
    has been over taken by a declared terror movement”. Wow, that is true but
    the terrorists are the Israelis!!! If Palestine has been taken over by a
    declared terror movement then why don’t they help them get rid of these so
    called “terrorists” instead if killing innocent civilians? Fuck Israeli

  4. revol148

    So Gaza is financially and economically crippled and therefore has to rely
    almost totally on the outside world for aid (money) which they in turn pour
    into Israel to buy food. Who really benefits from this arrangement? Israel

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