The WTF Collection: Weekly World News

A crazy mix of articles and covers of the “most read news magazine in America”.

25 Comments for “The WTF Collection: Weekly World News”

  1. goubulblok

    these are soo stupid and people who believe this are more stupid (9 month
    old baby gets black belt in karate rofl!!!!)

  2. hellofrommi

    My dad used to call it the Weekly Wacky News.

  3. agentbikini

    i love this paper! i love the way some of the stories i read in it still
    managed to appear in british mainstream journalism! go batboy! they should
    make a movie of his life.

  4. spacepolic29

    @scriminamp people as small as ants were found!!! lol

  5. sightsboy

    1:05 wow, I wonder how they got there (not)

  6. RileyM1989

    I really miss seeing this in the tabloids section right by the checkout
    stand. I would always take a quick gander at these while waiting in line at
    the super market. Some of the shit they would have on these magazines was
    just like wow, wtf.

  7. Sydpart2

    i liked it but it needed music

  8. alien123pred

    to give us a bright light i guess…not to give up hope…or to make us
    laugh? it ended though

  9. Auzy4

    Weekly World News, where we troll so hard, it’s funny.

  10. heresthadude1080

    XD I love how they keep putting fake stuff on it! It’s very entertaining!

  11. ironwitch

    I love the Weekly world news but why do they have to go away

  12. nintendo0master

    part 3 The vessel was unharmed but one of the workers spotted strange
    writing on the outside. Dr. Johnson was summoned along with paramedics.
    “The first thing I noticed was that the markings were not the petroglyphs
    of Native Americans,” Dr. Johnson said. “There were numbers and
    mathematical signs. One of them almost looked like the letters UPN and NBC.
    If I didn’t know better I’d have sworn they were a TV schedule.” The
    professor looked around the site before he left.

  13. wwesonicfan1

    these had lots of false stuff but were entertaining

  14. nintendo0master

    part 4 “I found other remnants of an alien presence,” he said, “including
    luggage and what looked like a door with a little diagram. I suspect that
    what the ‘Big Dig’ crew had found was the remains of an alien outpost or
    motel on ancient earth.” Back in his library, Dr. Johnson opened the
    container. “Being whacked against the foreman’s head had loosened the top,”
    Dr. Johnson said. “It popped right off. I began to wonder if, in fact, that
    was how the aliens opened containers on their world

  15. Mira Rao

    i dont know about u guys but this is actually quite funny

  16. uuukkjj

    aliens wordship oprah?? a old lady mistaken angelx=s for sex dolls bat
    boy/?? redneck shoots down a ufo WTF this is cheap shit lies!!

  17. Raffi

    HAHA!! These are so stupid!! I saw the play of Bat Boy, it was really good.
    They got the idea from that article.

  18. Veron sherner

    ohh damn xD i got caught before i know about them, i acutally believed a
    bit at first but then i searched more about this site xD

  19. Alex Vlamakis


  20. shihtzusrool

    penny from Heaven? and did you know that aliens worship Oprah?

  21. discolemonade66

    I miss this thing! A buddy of mine and I would chip in for a subscription.
    There were about 5 of us at work who loved the shit they would come up
    with. In fact, we all participated in the “Counter Jump”. Remember, the
    Chinese were ALL going to jump at the same time to throw the Earth out of
    orbit. Everyone in the West was suppose to jump at the same moment in order
    to balance it out. Don’t laugh…You’re still here right. Thank me.

  22. scriminamp

    every thing was fake except at 0:43 !!! lol!

  23. hsmpokemon

    Iloved every article and got them all one day i was gonna share it whit my
    friends and the school bully took all away from me and his dad was a bully
    at his school too so he took all of them and kept them in his house now
    this is the only thing to remind me of my wwn newspapers thanks for putting
    this on youtube.

  24. stayjit1

    I miss the WWN, it was the best comic book for big kids around.

  25. John Doe

    You freakin caNADIAN RACIST!

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