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First breaking news reports on Sky News moments after a plane crashed into the World Trade Center in New York City on September 11, 2001.
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27 Comments for “Sky News – First report of World Trade Center crash”

  1. 187BURNZY

    every dog has its day.

  2. Jesuchrist Von Piro

    the day that the world laught.

  3. TheAikenHead

    Your evidence: NIL.

  4. mlk960

    Maturity: Nil

  5. TheAikenHead

    Since you seem to want to reject perfectly logical (and highly likely)
    explanations of events you don’t appear to understand, it would seem to be
    the case.

  6. Azureus9999

    eyewitness testimony is unreliable. people make these kinds of mistakes all
    the time.

  7. Earthlinggb

    Don’t you just love Americans? “It was a small commuter plane” says the
    witness in a very exact way (you must appreciate that Americans take great
    pride in being absolutely correct and never to be questioned particularly
    if they are businessmen – I’ve had enough experience of this – and this guy
    phrased it precisely). I wonder how stupid he feels now? Because the
    official story says large passenger jets so the guy’s a mug. Even worse
    however is the official story is trash.

  8. mlk960

    Clearly this conversation isn’t changing anything or going anywhere, so I
    say to you: Good day.

  9. TheAikenHead

    Remember, I said there could be numerous natural explanations for the
    “puffs of smoke”. Also, remember that there was “puffs of smoke” emitting
    from the building for as long as it was one fire. This is consistent of
    large fires in damaged buildings. If you want to claim alternative
    scenarios based on no evidence, the burden of proof lies with you. Finally,
    your claim that the “puffs of smoke” are too “calculated” is entirely
    subjective. What would you expect the “puffs of smoke” to look like?

  10. mlk960

    Tell me, do you have any degree of knowledge that can prove you’re not just
    saying my statements are false? The puffs of smoke are way to calculated
    and formal to be floors simply collapsing simultaneously. Also, if the fire
    weakened the structure, does it matter how much it burned? It only covered
    a fractional portion (along with the impact) of the building, and it was
    near the top, so surely it could only have had a limited effect on the
    entire structural integrity of the building.

  11. TheAikenHead

    There were small (and large) “puffs of smoke” emitting from both buildings
    all the time after they were impacted. There are numerous natural
    explanations for these “puffs of smoke”, such as floors collapsing, etc.
    Other alternative “explanations” from troofers make no sense whatsoever.
    Your last argument is an argument from ignorance. The collapse of the
    towers makes sense in the light of the evidence – the impacted zones
    weakened the structure, and fire weakened the steel further.

  12. mlk960

    I’m not picking a side here, but in footage you can see what appears to be
    puffs of small, precise explosions shooting out the side of each floor’s
    side, just before it all crashes down as one whole. I don’t really see how
    a plane can strike the top of a tower and take it all to the ground.

  13. ajs777

    I think the thousands of civilians who are dead in Afghanistan would
    disagree with you there, and I don’t think they’d find it anything to laugh
    about either.

  14. Jason16M

    america * rest of the world do not care hahaa

  15. DistrictAndBass

    i am going to use this in my 9/11 memorial dubstep

  16. TheAikenHead

    The claims you talk of are detailed claims, backed by evidence,
    observation, and testable science. I “lap up” evidence which is strong,
    backed by facts, is explainable and testable. The conspirloons who counter
    these evidence-based claims have NO evidence to back their views, which
    range from getting technical aspects of science wrong, to absurd nonsense
    about holograms, thermite, and the Illuminati.

  17. hadyanth

    The claims have actually been made by the investigators. People like you
    blindly lap-up this bullshit then fight your corner like you know-all. NO
    my friend, you need to justify your belief in flakey facts. Yes I actually
    have experience putting me in a position to comment on the manouverability
    of a jet that size. Yes it is well documented that the attackers were inept
    pilots. BTW I’m well aware that you’re a sheep that can’t be told the sky
    is blue. So this my last comment. Best of luck.

  18. hadyanth

    Show me one bit of unchallenged credible evidence please. Also you have
    ABSOLUTELY no idea what it requires to fly an airliner in that fashion. If
    you did then you would slap yourself. Any more random pearls of wisdom
    you’d like to pull out of your arse?

  19. TheAikenHead

    They weren’t “stone-throwing hill-billy Muslims’. The fact that you start
    your “argument” this way suggests you are on weak ground. Further, what
    makes you think it is the most secure airspace in the world? Where did you
    get that from. The skies above New York were not, and are not, particularly
    secure, unless you expect the government to install missile silos on top of
    skyscrapers and have F16s flying over 24 hours a day.

  20. TheAikenHead

    There’s no evidence to support that view. Do you have some? You’d be the

  21. ajs777

    it brought some people together, but it highlighted how different some of
    us are and divided us and opened a lot of peoples eyes to what is actually
    going on in the world around us.

  22. ajs777

    It changed a lot of different countries. It led to a war in Afghanistan
    which various countries got involved in and are still involved in.
    Thousands died that day and thousands more have died since.

  23. TheTaintedGamers

    maybe America

  24. Tommi D

    The greatest deception

  25. Robert Writes

    The longer it has passed the magnitude of its effect become more apparent
    and more and more unbelievable. Things were going so well, too.

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  27. fal2grace2

    Thanks Lisa. Fav

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