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On this week’s Christian World News: Thousands attend prayer rally in Muslim Indonesia, Iran’s Christians face increased persecution, the life and legacy of …
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  1. Mk Ely

    I did not expect to arguing for Alexander instead of the man god just like
    hercules. Coins issued with his portrait, during his reign. His conquest of
    the Persian empire His entries in India. The mutiny of his soldiers there.
    The Egyptian records from those he conquered Numerous Mid-East records from
    those that he conquered and those that he didn’t but hated him Two Indian
    written records In otherwords not followers records not gospels written
    decades by followers pushing their cult.

  2. jordler

    No historian uses only first hand accounts to prove existence of a person.
    If this is the case Alexander the great is not real as well many most of
    the accent world. This old and tried augment have been long debunked.

  3. Mk Ely

    I was waiting for this old argument. There is correlative evidence for
    alexander and you have archeological evidence of him. With this Jesus myth
    you have NOTHING. Remember this Jesus has your claim of a son of god and
    the miracles. This is more than just a claim of a person of history. The
    accounts of Alexander match each other and archeological evidence match as
    well. The gospels contradict each other and there is nothing left of any
    Jesus. No writings, nothing.


    Fuck you brain washed faggots

  5. jordler

    Correlatives evidence nice dodge. There is even no record of the Roman
    governor existed so i guess he was fake to. the vast majority of historians
    do think jesus was a real person

  6. indo nesia

    ground in my area karo * (North Sumatra) no such thing as Islam, we are not
    an apostate from Islam, but we can of missionary from Germany, his name

  7. XZDrake

    Okay, this doesn’t look too malicious. Good on you Christians.

  8. Mk Ely

    Josephus,I was waiting for you to get to him.93 Ce,born 60 years after the
    Unknown death of Jesus and wrote it 60 years after that. A well known fake
    most likely done by Eusebius(he even boasted about them). Josephus never
    wrote it.It is in the middle of two paragraphs that do not make sense, out
    of context.Oregan never cites and he dealt with Josephus. He called him the
    christ and this guy was a jew, “christians” was not even used until the 2nd
    century,the word Gentile never used by Josephus.

  9. Mk Ely

    You know what prayer does? Nothing. The more you do the less happens. They
    do not get it, there is no one up there or somewhere. Jesus is a myth, no
    eye witness accounts of him ever existing, strange that?

  10. Mk Ely

    Who is doing the dodge here. “MOST” historians think Jesus is real. The
    apologists mostly think he is real. I would not have guessed that. Again I
    repeat there is acheological evidence of Alexander there is NOTHING of this
    “son of god”. There was no miracles, earthquakes, zombies,money
    changers,taxes and baby killings and there were historians at the time
    reporting on religions.You say Jesus is ordinary here but before you were
    saying how extraordinary he was. Make up your mind.

  11. udical

    wow, ur wrong

  12. jordler

    Sorry by your logic there is no Alexander. Zero proof he ever existed. No
    body , no grave and no first hand accounts. See i can play the denies game
    as well. Again historians who do this stuff for a living don’t dismiss
    Jesus because a lake of writings during his life. Try keeping a record for
    2000 years and tell me how easy it is. You might as well toss out
    everything we know of the world ancient.

  13. shabirmansour

    thanks! you said it all, i wish were christian like you in my home land.
    they thing christianity is a foreigner beliefs. forgetting that there black
    people, when jesus walked this earth, in israel, persia, rome, egypt, and
    syria. they were even majoritary in some places. yet they believe
    christinity is a white stuff, many tribes are worshipping trees, cranes,
    some go with pigs. we will soon mostly hear the lord from china. where
    christianity is making ravages on convertion. allelujah!

  14. Jesusisthereal super

    The bible has changed my life and anyone that is struggling in life or life
    is okay I reccomend you ask God to come into your heart you have nothing
    too loose I gave my heart to the lord best thing I have ever done

  15. Kelly W

    Mk Ely; First you are wrong because Jesus did live and it documented by
    historians worldwide from those days spoke of him. Greek, Roman,
    Babylonian, Asians, all of the historians in Christ times documented his
    life, so he is far from a myth. Also as long as you say Prayer does nothing
    it will do nothing for you. Because that is your faith being spoken but to
    those that believe it changes lives. I pray that Christ will show himself
    to you and I have faith that he hears my prayers.

  16. Kelly W

    Josephus was present in Jerusalem when Christ was Crucified and gives
    historical information about it. He was a Jewish historian for Rome. Check
    him out. So to call Christ a myth is arrogant of the facts. But as the Myth
    said (MEANING JESUS) a fool is always right in their own eyes. Blind men
    chose not to see even when the facts are right in front of them.

  17. Mk Ely

    Oh really, which ones? There are no historians writing about jesus between
    -3 to 33, the earliest historian is 60 years after the guessed death of the
    myth. You do not even know the birth date of this myth. The christian
    church has been forging and changing and altering the copy of no original
    text of the gospels. Jesus is starting to disppear. Gospel Paul did not
    even think he was a man.

  18. MrNintoku

    I did. Several sources state his birth being in 37 A.D and his death in 100
    A.D. There is no possible way for Josephus to be present at Jesus’s
    crucifiction unless his pregnant mother was present at the time. Assuming
    of course Jesus died in 36 A.D since Pilate was the Roman prefect who
    governed Judaea from 26 to 36 A.D.

  19. XZDrake

    One woman every three seconds is not a terrible rate for a nation of 1.6

  20. troy davis

    Jesus died around 30-36 AD, Josephus was born 37 AD.

  21. shabirmansour

    the downfall of islam will come from muslims themselves, sending spys in
    the church! what a desesperation! muslims are no longer even the 1.3
    billion we used to say, since millions a dying, as they killing each other
    like never before. adding the huge number of openly, and discretly
    apostates, EX-muslims are everywhere. arab source were talking about 12 000
    saudis that leaving islam yearly, same in egypt, iran, india. in africa, 5
    millions leave yearly. the eyes are opening. thanks god.

  22. David Ruach Arthur

    @mk ely no historians before who wrote the 5000yr old chinese
    chronicles? The 3000yo egyption paragriphs? Dumbass

  23. Kelly W

    I am a Christian that once felt as most non believers but one day changed
    all of that and he (Christ) changed my life forever. I walked in my own
    ways and had great success at being an evil man. Wasn’t raised in a church
    and don’t join feel good clubs. See true Christianity isn’t about religion
    but rather a personal relationship between me and my Lord. If you knew me
    before Christ came into my life I was not very kind to any one, I had power
    and money but was empty, even with all the friends

  24. David Ruach Arthur

    Jesus was crucified in 33ad and he didnt die he was resurrected and lives

  25. Rashid Gill

    Christian prayer meetings look like ‘FEEL GOOD CLUBS’, nothing more.

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