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Gas boom




There is a natural gas reserve that might dwarf Saudi Arabia in our own back yard in Western Colorado. Some of the locals reap great economic benefits, but s…

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  1. Leroy816

    But I can guarantee you, if you are a non-smoker, and since I am, that I
    would have a much greater chance of effects from benzene than you would
    just from that habit alone. In some parts of the country just the fact that
    I am a smoker makes me a leper. Since I have no facts on your community, or
    your medical history, I couldn’t elaborate on your condition, too many
    variables. I’d be willing to bet anything though, that if your lungs are
    that disturbed and this was a century ago, you’d be dead

  2. Leroy816

    eitnesskater. Honestly, I don’t have a problem with anyone drilling in a
    large town if that’s where the reserves are found, provided the town wants
    it. People have health problems everywhere and I don’t know your medical
    history so that would be hard to ascertain depending on what other
    developments have been or are happening around your community. I have
    worked in all phases of gaseous settings for 2 decades, up close and
    personal, and have never had nosebleeds or dizziness. Let me continue

  3. joe momma

    We as Americans need to stop being fkin pussys, getting our own source of
    energy is a must, we cannot continue to buy it from other countries, often
    our enimies. We obv need to go about it reasonably safe, but Nat Gas is obv
    the future of energy in our country.

  4. nutbagbrew102

    hey how about moving – you know like pick up your shit and locate somewhere
    else? when people stay around when theres danger to your health – give them
    check for $100,000 a year and watch these people dance outside – i feel
    nothing for people who stand in front of a moving truck and say its not
    right – then die –

  5. etniesskater7494

    ok wow leroy, do you think its right for them to drill in huge town like
    flower mound texas where people can start having health problems, there is
    a drill a mile away from my house and before it was there, i never had
    nosebleeds or diziness and i could breath, now that it is there, i cant be
    outside for 2 minutes without coughing my lungs out, and also i did look up
    benzene, yes it is used in all the stuff you mentioned but when it is alone
    it can cause cancer just like it did in my home town.

  6. brookec57

    I also live at the base of Divide Creek in the small community of Silt. I
    work in an industry that deals with the gas industry. That work affords me
    the oppertunity to see first hand what this is doing to our wilderness. I
    call it land rape. The trash and distruction shocks everyone that sees it
    that is not making money on it. Our beautiful state will never be a land to
    be proud of again. The distruction and disrespect of our state is heart

  7. Graham6762

    This is classic BBC propaganda to stop US developement and collapse the US
    economy. There is so much natural gas in this country and they so
    determined to keep us dependent on foreign energy.

  8. CleanWaterActionPA

    This is a great video. It really puts perspective on the environmental and
    health costs of gas drilling. Hopefully landowners will see this and think
    twice about selling their rights to gas companies.

  9. mjkwyo

    I work with the deep “GOLD” day in day out! Never felt better! If you drive
    or use gas I suggest y’all stop burnning it up! As far as the BENZENE GO’S!
    You get it from the gas pumps So GET REAL ya ‘ll are WIMPS !! I’am sure you
    don’t mind walking to the store ect………

  10. TheChristianRight09

    America has more natural gas,than Saudi Arabia has oil…..CNG can power us
    into the future…When middle eastern wars no longer matter,we might even
    start exporting to EUROPE.. ; )….

  11. Leroy816

    Do you have any other respiratory problems you are willing to present as
    fact, considering the coughing your lungs out? Is it actually the drilling
    or the traffic? Other commercial or industrial business? If Natural gas, by
    itself caused cancer in your hometown, I would be very, very surprised and
    would advise everyone to start using electric stoves, furnaces and water
    heaters. Benzene is a significant contributor to cancer, if you are
    genetically predisposed to the causality effect……

  12. ColoradokayakGirl

    You must be another Encana Gasshole. I was born here and Encana Barrett
    Williams have destroyed this area. If you enjoy Benzene you are insane. You
    have had ill effects that have damaged your fragile brain. I dare you to
    drink the water in Divide Creek. Leroy you are a foolish man.

  13. Leroy816

    Hmmm…. How can anyone debate ignorance? this is the 3rd time I’ll state I
    do not work for Encana. I hear you calling me names but not refuting any
    facts I’ve presented. I don’t know how you would know my IP but I can
    assure you I live right in the middle of the hustle and bustle and have
    since well before this boom started. I guess since we all exhale CO2 we are
    all poisoning the environment and since our bodies eliminate waste we are
    all poisoning the water. I do embrace alternative …

  14. SteveFrench306

    @apetalk hahah fuck off this is not bad at all alberta is 10 times as bad
    for oil and gas its not bad for you, an i dont give a fuck about your
    hillbilies singing bout encana you americans jus gotta grow some balls

  15. Leroy816

    forms of energy. I do believe, however, that we have to tap the resources
    we have while someone is developing this Holy Grail of enrgy forms that you
    are searching for. Maybe you can be the genius that turns the engine that
    runs the entire world’s economies, upside down, and enlightens
    civilization. Sounds to me like typical liberal phrases, with nothing to
    back them up, coming out of your responses. Educate yourself, please, then
    post an actual thought provoking comment.

  16. Leroy816

    I thought I already said I don’t work for Encana. Also, I am not a paid PR
    employee for the gas industry. I am not defending a non-American nor an
    American company. I use common sense and research factual evidence to state
    my beliefs and do not take an unresearched view to disseminate them. Did
    you know that the general consensus of world scientists is that indoor air
    has has a higher concentration of Benzenes than outdoor air? Probably not.
    Nobody is putting cancer-causing agents into our

  17. Leroy816

    Oh yeah, I sleep very, very well at night when the coyotes aren’t howling
    or the kids aren’t making noise.

  18. Leroy816

    water intentionally. Accidents do happen in every industry, although I will
    admit Encana is the most grievous contributor in this area and gives the
    entire industry a bad name to brain-dead, mind numbed-robots. Indoor air
    contains higher levels of Benzene because of such innocuous household
    products as glue, paint, furniture wax and detergents. If you operate a
    lawnmower or snowblower or drive a car, the Benzene levels around your
    household are elevated above what is EPA recommendations.

  19. Leroy816

    Especially in winter when all of your windows are closed and you are
    re-circulating internal air. There is more Benzene released in a 1 acre
    prescribed burn by the BLM than was released into divide creek. Benzene is
    released naturally by forest fires, weathering of coal-containing strata
    (which we have an abundance of), and it enters groundwater through
    petroliferous rocks, volcanoes and forest fires. I hope you don’t enjoy
    spending nights camping and sitting in front of a campfire, or maybe

  20. Leroy816

    Guess again, not Encana. I would dare you to drink the water in any creek
    or stream on the planet, unfiltered any of the water will make you sick. I
    would advise you to research Benzene. The most common natural sources are
    forest fires and volcanoes. I think we have forest fires around here
    sometimes. Also, based on your screen name if you use a kayak you are a
    hypocrite. Benzenes are found in plastics, resins, nylon, rubber,
    lubricants, dyes, detergents, gasoline, etc. Use any of these?

  21. Leroy816

    some uneducated reporter has said and take it as fact. I’d be a heck of a
    lot more concerned about people trying to drill near the Rulison project! A
    nuclear fracture? And the gas isn’t contaminated (radioative)? Huh? This
    country has to tap it’s energy reserves somewhere, or would you rather pay
    $1,000 a month for gas bills by importing gas from some country that’s
    going to turn around and fun terrorists? And then whine about that as well.

  22. Leroy816

    you have the audacity to own a wood burning fireplace, because according to
    you, you’re killing everybody in your community. Own a ranch? Better not
    use any pesticides or crank up that tractor. Benzenes are also released
    into streams from eroding sediment, guess we don’t have that around here.
    Oh yeah, we better close the Garfield County landfill as well since that is
    one of the biggest contributors of all. Again, please use your common sense
    and research facts rather than repeating what

  23. Leroy816

    I can’t explain to you how many facets of this report are incorrect. I
    actually do work and live in this area and have worked in several natural
    gas production areas of the United States for the past couple of decades. I
    work up close and personal on the production side and have never had any
    ill effects such as reported by the two people mentioned in this report.
    You would think if it was so dangerous I’d have to wear a bihazard suit!
    Again, I can’t tell you how wrong this is!

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