Goldman Sachs Rules the World – GET PREPARED advises financial trader on BBC World News










LISTEN TO THIS GUY!! Goldman Sachs Rules the World admitted by trader on BBC World News and GET PREPARED – now you heard this on BBC World MAINSTREAM news. I…
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17 Comments for “Goldman Sachs Rules the World – GET PREPARED advises financial trader on BBC World News”

  1. Kodard69

    oh no the end of the world! fuck it. im going to toys r us.

  2. fructmals

    He is a trader.” Truthfully” he said he stand s to gain$ in a market run.
    That’s what I heard him say. What exactly does Goldman Sachs profit from a
    failing world economy? It is scary that BBC allowed this ti run. I guess
    you can’t keep some news out. But, I still believe some cancers can be
    cured. But, you have to cut them out and then fight like hell to survive.


    Help this guy hes telling you the truth we have spoken about this for years
    the criminal elite bankers, corporations control our governments and
    dictate policy from afar. Ensuring that we suffer unable to get a pension
    or job because they are stealing our wealth to destabilize society world
    wide germany is printer its own currency again and not telling any country
    in the Euro Zone because they no its dead the rest need their currencys
    back then we can start again, however we dont need EU laws.

  4. HenryWinni

    Who is this guy speaking?

  5. JimTImber2010

    1 – Get rid of paper/coin money. 2 – Get everyone using cards and
    electronic transactions and online banking. 3 – huge computer crashes,
    backup systems disabled. Lots of people lose all their money. 4 – Install
    NWO type hierarchy.

  6. dannnnwtf

    Alessio Rastani

  7. elwind45

    The west are worthless eaters! We have reached our social economic zenith.
    Our collective Governments have been doing everything (print) to maintain
    asset prices for three years. To print against the 100% wall of debt to gdp
    wont be looked on as acceptable for the reserve currency. Bigshots are
    starting to worry about erosion of currency confidence and having money
    tide up. THEY WANT THEIR F**CKN money. Liquidate now and pay up. Confidence
    is tough. Lack of confidence in Banking system BAD.

  8. elwind45

    Look at the situation, now look at the stocks rally last three days. Did it
    not look like reactor 1,2,and 3 going off. Alot of energy was caught on
    downside. Enough false confidence in a meltdown that gold got clobbered to
    meet margin calls. The last I looked put contracts on S$P were greatly
    increased over average. Fund managers are behind on performance and dollar
    wants to get strong? Strong dollar hurts exports our last growth engine.
    Worthless eaters, lucky we have the nameplate left!

  9. Francisco Fermoselle

    Uhhhh, it’s the end of the world… I know nothing about big finance, but
    Goldman S., like everybody else, wants to keep making money, so they don’t
    want this economical world to flush away. We need to work more and talk
    less. Europe is going to be the United States of Europe and Euro is going
    to be even stronger! BE PREPARED FOR THIS 🙂

  10. smilelikeUmeanit90

    Given the Fukushima constant radiation I wouldn’t worry about that.

  11. Darniece Wheatley



    The Dawn of a New Age is about to begin, so the Elite and the Powers that
    be claim it to be so. We about to experience such a Global Collapse that we
    do need to prepare for worst case scenario. Riots, Food Rationing, Marshall
    Law on the Streets, Half supplement on Electricity and water. I can see
    this guy fear in his eyes, he knows it’s coming. He’s risking a lot saying
    this on an Elite’s network. GOD Helps US ALL.

  13. maetin joseph

    than you gentleman .we are waiting,see what’s going on,hope the things go
    on our side.

  14. Robby Snow

    Big proof that capitalism is the cause of our crisis NOT socialism. This,
    everything this man just said has NOTHING to do with some fictional
    socialist cabal that wants to take your property away and give it to the
    poor or destroy all the worlds gold. It’s pure plain and simple capitalism.
    He even says “I wanna help people, people can make money off of this”
    Capitalism folks! And don’t give me that shit about “true capitalism” this
    is IT in all it’s ugly glory

  15. IronRangeSurvival

    Well, we know Sachs doesn’t rule the world….so, putting my money in
    “bonds” is/was only a temp move, while the suckers seek the last “safe
    place” before it implodes.

  16. 13Gagsy

    this guy is a parasite

  17. edarotag84

    People need to WAKE UP! This Crap has been Planned since the “Privately
    Owned” non federal federal reserve was created in 1913!

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