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George Michael APOLOGISES to Fadi Fawaz – despite being called a ‘f****d up icon’

Christmas Day 2018 will mark two years since musical icon George Michael died at the age of 53 from natural causes; consisting of dilated cardiomyopathy with myocarditis and fatty liver.

The soulful singer, whose hits included the likes of Faith and Freedom, was adored by fans the world-over.

His following was treated to a deeper look into George’s life upon his death in his documentary –  George Michael: Freedom.

The short film explored all aspects of the notoriously private singer’s life – from his tumultuous relationship with Sony record label, to his heartbreak over the death of his first love Anselmo Feleppa – which many say George never fully recovered from.

But the former WHAM member inadvertently found himself at the middle of scandal after his death, due to his most recent boyfriend.

It came after hairdresser Fadi Fawaz, 45 – who was sleeping in his car outside his house when the singer died – was banned from the legend’s funeral by George’s family.

Fadi – who was reportedly left nothing in George’s estate, but has reportedly continued to live in the singer’s home in London’s Regent Park – has been incredibly outspoken about the legend on social media, following his death.

He has called him a “f****d up icon,” as well as branding the cash George left in his will to his loved ones “dirty money”.

George Michael makes his feelings known

‘BEYOND-THE-GRAVE’: George Michael makes his feelings known (Pic: GETTY)

Fadi Fawaz has made his feelings clear about George Michael

OUTSPOKEN: Fadi Fawaz has made his feelings clear about George Michael (Pic: GETTY)

The late singer has now addressed his relationship with Fadi, which remained fairly under-the-radar when George was alive – from “beyond-the-grave” to Psychic Medium Ella Vine.

He reportedly told Ella: “Fadi and I had a very emotional and strong bond. Both of us had difficult characters. My bond with Anselmo was easier, somehow smoother and softer as he was a softer, different type of person to Fadi.

“With Fadi, we had ups and downs, as you get in relationships. Fadi is a very emotional and sensitive person. Some people hide or protect their sensitivity by attacking others, hence his Instagram comments that were caused by mere pressure of fans. This wouldn’t happen in a private relationship. Looking at things from up here I’m not surprised nor angry.

“I know that Fadi has a lot of issues to work on, but he might be like I, that he will understand many things only in Spirit. I wish him all best and to understand his issues sooner than later, but anyway, we’ll meet in Spirit.”

George also doesn’t hold any resentment towards his family from banning Fadi from the funeral.

He explained: “It was my family’s decision to ban him from my funeral. I respect that decision and I am grateful for my family for everything they have ever done for me. In their eyes, they were protecting me from something at the funeral, but I also feel however that Fadi shouldn’t be denied this opportunity, as it was important to him.

“There is not regret or anger I feel – in the spirit, you want the best for all.”

He always describes his decision not to leave Fadi anything in his estate “as a good one”.

Fadi Fawaz has been vocal on social media

SPEAKING OUT: Fadi Fawaz has been vocal on social media (Pic: GETTY)

Fadi Fawaz has ranted on Instagram

HITTING OUT: Fadi Fawaz has ranted on Instagram (Pic: GETTY)

“My decision not to leave to Fadi anything in my estate I still see, surprisingly, as a good one. I guess I acted then on completely different grounds but all in all, this is really for the best for him.

“It is definitely good for his soul’s development and growth. He was given the opportunity to re-evaluate his life and this is good – although it may sound tough. I feel that, unknowingly to myself then – I have intuitively made the right decision not to leave him the estate.”

George also said he still has love for Fadi.

He revealed: “I would really like to have the opportunity to pat him friendly on his arm and give support I cannot do it now. Yes, I would tell him that I love him. And wish him the best. I would say sorry that lots of things happened in life, like little arguments and things that do not really matter. I wish we both were happier then and that he will be happy while he still has time on Earth.”

Speaking about his mindset when he passed away, George said that he was “battling his emotions” and wasn’t “too happy a man” when he died due to feelings he’d kept bottled-up over the years.

Reflecting on his life, he said: “I feel that I should have been happier. If I ever lived again, I would change this one thing only: more happiness, joy in an intrinsic, internal feeling sense. As this was all dependent only on me. Life is not about the material things. Perhaps it is important that I share this with humanity.”

The final thing he wanted to share with humanity was his love and adoration for his fans.

He said: “Thank you for your love and support! I hope that everyone who reads this will get out something for themselves these are universal messages, not only about my life. Messages from an older and wiser friend. For example, that perhaps if you were able to re-evaluate your life before your time is up, it would all

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