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South Korea's Gaon Chart to recognize USBs as music albums

SEOUL, South Korea, Dec. 26 (UPI) — The Gaon Chart will start counting USBs containing songs as albums next year to adapt to the fast changing music industry, the chart operator said Tuesday.

The Korea Music Content Industry Association said it will change its policy for the Gaon Chart to expand the scope of “a music album” from the previously “replicated article stipulated in the copyright law” or “a physical object that contains music” to “a product sold in a package.”

Under the new policy that will come into force Jan. 1, G-Dragon’s controversial USB album Kwon Ji Yong will also be recognized as an album.

The move came after the association drew strong protest from the BIGBANG leader by excluding his new album made in the USB format from the chart in June. The association defined USBs simply as a “downloading device,” not as an “album” defined in the copyright law.

“We took the measure to adapt to the fast-changing media environment,” the chart authority said. “We expect it will serve as a chance to prompt the release of music products made in various formats.”

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