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US-Afghan army convoy fires flares, hits drivers on road

A local witness and the US mission in Afghanistan say a joint US-Afghan military has fired flares at several civilian vehicles, causing the cars to catch fire and injuriesByThe Associated PressNovember 9, 2019, 10:14 AM1 min read A local witness and the U.S. mission in Afghanistan say a joint U.S.-Afghan military convoy has confronted several civilian vehicles with flares, after a confrontation on the road. The U.S. forces statement says Saturday that American troops released flares as a deterrent after making several attempts to wave the drivers off the road, but didn't aim at the vehicles. It said U.S. forces were trying to stop the vehicles from approaching the convoy in eastern Laghman province Friday night and didn't see any damage immediately to the vehicles. Imad Dawran, a witness t...