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Kremlin: Putin doesn’t think Moscow protests significant

The Kremlin says President Vladimir Putin is following mass opposition protests in Moscow, but does not believe they are significant enough. Giving the Kremlin's first official comments on the massive opposition protests in Moscow, Dmitry Peskov said Tuesday that Putin has not spoken out about the demonstrations because he does not think there is anything "exceptional" about them. Peskov rejected suggestions that the protests have plunged the Kremlin into a political crisis and defended police response at the three weekends of protests as "proportionate." He also said police are looking into reports of violence against peaceful protesters. Moscow has been gripped by large-scale opposition protests three weekends in the row, including last Saturday's rally which is believed to be the large...
Heart strain from extreme exercise doesn’t cause permanent damage, study says

Heart strain from extreme exercise doesn’t cause permanent damage, study says

June 27 (UPI) -- Performing strenuous exercise, like taking part in a 24-hour ultramarathon, won't permanently hurt a person's heart, new research shows. High-intensity running puts more strain on the heart and drives up biomarkers that would otherwise indicate cardiac risk, according to a study published in June in Heliyon. However, those elevated biomarkers don't cause permanent damage. "Experienced runners performed with greater intensity and speed which placed strains on their hearts," Rodrigo Hohl, a researcher at Federal University of Juiz de Fora and study co-lead investigator, said in a news release. "Novice runners ran with less intensity, which resulted in lower cardiac biomarker levels." The study included 25 people who took blood tests before and after they ran in a 24-hour u...

Report: FBI doesn’t warn hacking victims of their rights

Americans caught up in international cyberespionage campaigns are routinely being left in the dark by the FBI, the U.S. Justice Department's watchdog said in a report published Monday. The Justice Department's Office of the Inspector General said that advisory letters typically sent by the FBI to victims of cybercrime were almost never issued in "national security cyber cases," echoing a 2017 Associated Press report that found the FBI was routinely failing to warn targets of Russian hackers that their personal emails were under threat. The inspector general quoted the FBI's Office of Victim Assistance saying that out-of-date guidelines were among the problems that kept American victims of foreign spies from getting timely advice. In a letter dated Dec. 21, 2018, and published alon...