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‘Big pile’ of eels dumped in NYC park; impact not yet known

NEW YORK -- Andrew Orkin was taking a break from his evening jog to sit by Prospect Park Lake when he turned around and was startled to see a tangle of wriggling snakes.“And quite a big pile — fully alive,” said Orkin, a music composer who lives near the Brooklyn park.They turned out to be eels that had escaped from one of two large plastic bags that split open as a man dragged them to the shoreline. After dumping the eels in the lake, the man walked away, explaining to bystanders that “I just want to save lives.”The illegal release late last month became a curiosity on social media, but the dumping of exotic animals in urban parks isn’t new. In cities across the country, nonnative birds, turtles, fish and lizards have settled into, and often disturbed, local ecosystems.New Yorkers free th
Great Barrier Reef: One million tonnes of sludge to be dumped

Great Barrier Reef: One million tonnes of sludge to be dumped

Australia plans to dump one million tonnes of sludge in the Great Barrier Reef.Despite strict laws on dumping waste, the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (GBRMPA) gave the go-ahead.A loophole was found - the laws don't apply to materials generated from port maintenance work.It comes one week after flood water from Queensland spread into the reef, which scientists say will "smother" the coral. The industrial residue is dredged from the bottom of the sea floor near Hay Point Port - one of the world's largest coal exports and a substantial economic source for the country. Larissa Waters, senator for Queensland and co-deputy leader of the Greens Party, called for the license to be revoked."T...