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Tourists are flocking to see fireflies, putting new stress on vulnerable ecosystems

Tourists are flocking to see fireflies, putting new stress on vulnerable ecosystems

March 11 (UPI) -- Every year, more than a million people travel to watch fireflies and their luminous mating rituals. Firefly tourism, it turns out, is trending. Wildlife tourism has benefits, injecting cash into local economies and raising awareness about environmental problems, but tourism can also put pressure on already vulnerable ecosystems. Advertisement Without stronger protections for firefly beetles, the authors of a new paper -- published Thursday in the journal Conservation Science and Practice -- warn firefly tourism could wipe out local populations. "Firefly tourism has long been popular in countries like Japan, but it's really only started to skyrocket in places like India, the U.S. and Mexico in the past decade or so," lead author Sara Lewis, professor of biology at Tufts U...

Americans are flocking to the suburbs — here’s how much you need to earn to buy a house

Home ownership has long been considered a staple of the American dream.During the pandemic, it has also become a dividing line between the haves and have-nots.As the coronavirus outbreak and rise of remote work pushed Americans to move from the city to the suburbs, those who could afford a single-family home have been able to leverage historically low interest rates to build equity and net worth.Many are doing just that. During 2020, the homeownership rate jumped to roughly 67%, up nearly 3% from a year earlier after remaining largely flat for a decade, according to the Census Bureau.More from Personal Finance:Some newlyweds face a ‘marriage tax penalty’ A financial snapshot of America one year after CovidWhat to do to get your $ 600 stimulus checkBut high demand for housin...