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Not all end-of-life decisions are covered in a will. Here’s what else you need

shapecharge | E+ | Getty ImagesWith the number of deaths from the coronavirus continuing to mount, your own mortality may be more on your mind than usual.In fact, The Covid-19 pandemic has produced a rise in estate planning, according to certified financial planner Stacy Francis, president and CEO of Francis Financial. Pandemic or not, though, part of that contemplation should include making a plan for when you die, experts say. That is, you should give thought to what would happen to your home, your bank accounts and belongings, as well as, perhaps, your dependents.That planning should start with a will. If you pass away without one — called dying intestate — a state court generally decides who gets your assets and, if you have children, who will care for them."In every jurisdic

Here’s how the workforce will change in the coming decades: MIT report

Elisabeth ReynoldsMITThe predictions were scary. Half of the jobs in industrialized countries could, one day, be taken over by robots. What would workers do? How would they earn a living?In 2018, a taskforce at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology set out to answer these questions. Over the next two years, more than 20 faculty members and 25 graduate students spread out across the globe, from Scandinavia to Germany, interviewing some 200 companies to try to get a better snapshot of the future of work.The more pressing threat, the researchers found, was not necessarily the one we'd imagined. Sure, robots and artificial intelligence were becoming more and more capable, but most companies expected the technology to create new and different jobs rather than to reduce their total positions...

Yes, you can get unemployment benefits if you’re laid off again. Here’s what you need know

A store displays a sign before closing down permanently in Arlington, Virginia.OLIVIER DOULIERY/AFP via Getty ImagesState and local officials have begun closing some businesses to counter a new surge in coronavirus infections, potentially putting Americans out of work for the second time since the spring.Delaware and Nevada are among the states where officials are re-imposing some restrictions on non-essential businesses. Rules have also tightened recently in California, Illinois and Virginia.Meanwhile, other regions may not be far behind.The U.S. continues to notch record Covid-19 infections, with the national seven-day average of daily new cases hitting 170,855 on Sunday, according to a CNBC analysis of Johns Hopkins University data.Zoom In IconArrows pointing outwardsBut there's a silve...

Majority of seniors have been targeted by a Social Security scam in the past three months. Here’s how to protect yourself

Getty ImagesIf you receive a text, email or phone call purporting to be from the Social Security Administration, think twice before responding.The people on the other end are likely fraudsters. And they're looking to catch individuals off guard and take advantage of their fears.The November Retirement Confidence Index from SimplyWise, a technology company that helps people make Social Security claiming decisions, found 47% of Americans have been targeted by a Social Security scam in the past three months.More from Personal Finance:12 million Americans set to lose unemployment benefits by year's endMoney may be tight during the holidays. How to prepare your kidsFor families of color, the pandemic brings an outsized financial hitThe rate was even higher for seniors, 53% of whom were the targ...

Can Joe Biden forgive student debt without Congress? Here’s what the experts say

For now, it's an open question if President-elect Joe Biden has interest in testing his presidential power to try to forgive student debt.Joe Raedle |Getty ImagesIt's a pressing question not just for higher-education experts and legal wonks. Tens of millions of Americans have a lot riding on the answer: Can the president forgive student debt without Congress?If the president was able to cancel student debt without passing legislation, in theory borrowers could see their balances reduced or eliminated overnight. On the other hand, the chances of Congress agreeing to forgive the loans is, at best, uncertain. Generally, Republicans are not in favor of debt forgiveness.For now, it's also an open question if President-elect Joe Biden has interest in testing his presidential power in this way.Mo...