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Muni bond math: A tax-time refresher

[unable to retrieve full-text content]Tax preparers everywhere are explaining to clients what they can expect with this year s tax filing Going forward investors will be seeking ways to minimize that future tax burden especially for those in states with high state and local taxes SALT Municipal bonds which are issued by Latest Articles in
Math models could help police thwart city burglars

Math models could help police thwart city burglars

Dec. 5 (UPI) -- Mathematicians in Spain have developed a new model they think more accurately predicts burglary patterns in urban environs. Previous models, mostly focused on burglaries in suburban environs, have emphasized location and spatial patterns. The linear model developed by researchers Joan Saldaña, Maria Aguareles, Albert Avinyó, Marta Pellicer and Jordi Ripoll places a greater emphasis on timing. The group of mathematicians and their new model was inspired by age-dependent population models. "Our model puts the emphasis on when -- rather than where -- the burglaries will take place and on the type of victimized houses, represented by their age," Avinyó said in a news release. The researchers defined age -- of both burglar and home -- as the amount of time...