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Mass shootings transform how America talks, prays, prepares

Pardeep Singh Kaleka has surveyed the landscape of an America scarred by mass shootings. Seven years ago, a white supremacist invaded a Sikh temple in Wisconsin and killed six worshippers — among them Kaleka's father, who died clutching a butter knife he'd grabbed in a desperate attempt to stop the shooter. Now, whenever another gunman bloodies another town, Kaleka posts a supportive message on social media. Then later, either by invitation or on his own initiative, he'll journey to the community to shore up others who share his pain. He's been to Newtown, Connecticut. Charleston, South Carolina. Pittsburgh. "We've become kind of a family," Kaleka says. It's true. The unending litany of mass shootings in recent years — the latest, on Friday, leaving 12 dead in Virginia Beach, Virginia — h...
Air pollution can chemically transform organic vapors in the atmosphere

Air pollution can chemically transform organic vapors in the atmosphere

Dec. 14 (UPI) -- Scientists are only just beginning to understand the complex ways new aerosol particles form in the atmosphere. New research suggests human-caused air pollution can impact the conversion of organic gasses into aerosols. All ecosystems, including wetlands, forests and mountain streams, emit organic compounds into the atmosphere, but only a few of these compounds are known to react with atmospheric gases to form particles, or aerosols. When researchers monitored particle formation in the lab, they found aerosols formed most efficiently when sulfuric acid, ammonia and organic vapors were all present. Increased nitrogen oxide levels were associated with lower rates of aerosol formation. Researchers designed their lab conditions to mimic the atmosphere above the Finnish boreal...