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Greek debt crisis: ‘I wasn’t paid for two years’

Greek debt crisis: ‘I wasn’t paid for two years’

Setting up a business in a country that is struggling to recover from a severe economic crisis is hardly the most ideal of circumstances.So Greek entrepreneurs Dimitris Kokkinakis and Sophie Lamprou faced an uphill struggle when they set up their business in 2013.Greece was beginning the long trek back from its debt crisis, which at one point looked like it might force the country out of the eurozone. It had imposed drastic austerity measures in response to bailouts starting in 2010.Then in 2015, the government announced capital controls, meaning the amount of money people could withdraw from banks was restricted."It was a very big shock, not just for us, but for everybody in Greece," says Sophie.Both entrepreneurs went without p...

Louisiana governor: Abortion ban decision wasn’t political

Gov. John Bel Edwards, the only Democratic governor in the Deep South, said Tuesday that he's not concerned about losing support among his party's voters in Louisiana because of a strict abortion ban he signed into law . The governor, seeking a second term on the October ballot, said he knows some people "were disappointed" that he supported the ban on abortion when a fetal heartbeat is detected — as early as six weeks into a pregnancy. "On the other hand there were a lot of people who were very happy about it as well. But at the end of the day, it wasn't a political consideration," Edwards said, asked about the abortion ban after a separate bill signing. "It was me being true to myself and true to what I told the people of Louisiana that I was, and I've been very clear about that." Louis

Boeing didn’t tell airlines that safety alert wasn’t on

Boeing says it didn't tell pilots and airlines that a safety alert on its 737 Max jets was not working until after one of the planes crashed in Indonesia last year. The safety alert, called an "angle of attack" (AOA) indicator, tells pilots if a sensor is transmitting bad data. It was designed to warn pilots about the kind of sensor malfunction that occurred in the crash in Indonesia and another five months later in Ethiopia. It had been operational in previous versions of the 737, but was switched off in the 737 Max. Boeing said Sunday that the planes could be flown safely without the alert, but said it will be included in the 737 Max before the planes are flown again.Let's block ads! (Why?) ABC News: International
Jennifer Hudson QUITS The Voice after three years: ‘It wasn’t an easy decision’

Jennifer Hudson QUITS The Voice after three years: ‘It wasn’t an easy decision’

The singer, 37, was offered a big-money deal to return to the panel but has said she is too busy.An insider told us: “Jennifer has absolutely loved her time on The Voice but she’s decided not to return.“It wasn’t an easy decision. She would love to continue doing the show. But she has a lot on and something had to give. “She quit the American version last year and now she’s had to walk away from the UK series too.”Being a coach on The Voice has made Jennifer one of TV’s most popular stars. FAME: Being a coach on The Voice has made Jennifer one of TV’s most popular stars. (Pic: Getty) But last month she admitted her future on the show was in doubt.The star is a mum to son David, nine, and has a string of music and film projects on the go. She said: “This year has been challenging. I