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What we are reading: For week ending June 23, 2017

At ET Wealth, we know that your time is precious. There is information overload for investors and not all of it would be useful and helpful in decision making. And, it’s true even for us.

So, along with the ET Wealth ‘s daily dose of articles on personal finance, we will help bring to your notice some truly interesting articles/blogs/videos in the realm of personal finance from across the globe. These are interesting pieces we have read over the week and found.

Five reasons why stock markets aren’t going to crash
Global stock markets are close to record highs, valuations look stretched and investors are nervous. Is a major crash around the corner?

Personal finance: The true cost of ‘me’
Do you really know how much it takes to sustain your life in one month, or have allowances and expense accounts clouded your budget?

The six steps of financial planning
What to expect when you consult a financial advisor.

The big mistake most people make when planning for retirement
The question that is often overlooked when planning for retirement is how, exactly, you want your life to look after you retire. As in: What do you want to do with your time?

Introduction to Financial Planning
Personal financial management has become complex and usually requires time for regular maintenance, modification or periodic upgrading. For many, it is desirable to engage the services of a professional financial planner.

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