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Alexis Bledel to be series regular in 'Handmaiden's Tale' Season 2

June 22 (UPI) —Alexis Bledel will be a series regular in Season 2 of popular new drama The Handmaiden’s Tale.

The 35-year-old actress will reprise Ofglen/Emily on the Hulu series, the show confirmed on its official Twitter page Thursday.

“@alexisbledel will walk with us as Emily for a second season,” the series wrote. “#HandmaidensTale.”

Bledel’s character was last seen being taken away in Season 1, Episode 5 after running over a guard. The actress told The Hollywood Reporter in April that Emily was a welcome change from her Gilmore Girls role.

“She’s such a rich character so it’s a real opportunity for me to dig in a bit deeper,” she said. “It’s endlessly interesting to play a character who had this former life and a family and an identity that was stripped from her.”

“It’s great to play really different characters,” the star added. “It’s funny because [Emily] actually has certain elements of other characters I’ve placed. The rebellious streak and the fighter and at times she has a holier-than-thou quality.”

The Handmaiden’s Tale completed a first season June 14 after being renewed for a second in May. The series is based on the Margaret Atwood novel of the same name, and co-stars Elisabeth Moss and Joseph Fiennes.

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