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Pentagon releases Electromagnetic Superiority Strategy

Oct. 29 (UPI) — The Pentagon released its Electromagnetic Spectrum Superiority Strategy Thursday.

Intended to align DoD electromagnetic spectrum activities with the objectives of the 2017 National Security Strategy, the National Defense Strategy and national and economy policy goals, the strategy outlines five goals which each have subordinate objectives.


“The rise of mobile systems and digital technology across the globe has placed enormous strain on the available spectrum for DOD’s command, control, and communication needs. This strategy will help set the conditions needed to ensure our warfighters have freedom of action within the electromagnetic spectrum to successfully conduct operations and training in congested, contested and constrained multi-domain environments across the globe,” Dana Deasy, DOD chief information officer, said in a Pentagon press release.

They include developing superior EMS capabilities; evolving to an agile and fully integrated EMS infrastructure; pursuing total force readiness in the EMS; securing enduring partnerships for EMS advantage and establishing effective EMS governance.

The strategy does not outline specific ways the Pentagon intends to achiever those goals, but is expected to produce a road map and implementation plan and finalize a way forward by March of next year.

“The Department’s evolution in the EMS is necessary for the U.S. military’s ability to effectively sense, command, control, communicate, test, train, protect, and project force,” said Ellen Lord, Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Sustainment. “Modernizing to maintain competitive advantage over near-peer adversaries will enable DOD to assert EMS superiority and mitigate risks to U.S. national and economic security.”

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