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Ringo Starr hopes for 'peace and love' Brexit

Ringo Starr has said he hopes Theresa May can bring “peace and love” to the UK with Brexit.

Asked to choose between Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and the current Prime Minister, he replied that he hopes Mrs May is more likely to deliver as she is leading the country.

“I’m not political, but it’s right now Theresa May in charge so let’s hope it’s going to be her,” he said.

“She’s going with the wishes of the British people, which is Brexit, and they had a vote and they said, ‘Okay let’s leave’, and that’s what she’s trying to carry on.”

The star turned 77 on Friday.
Image:Starr turned 77 on Friday

The Beatles drummer spoke during his 77th birthday celebration, at an annual event in which he invites supporters all over the world to wish for “peace and love”.

He was joined by Twin Peaks director David Lynch, guitarist Joe Walsh and a crowd of supporters in Hollywood.

“There is a lot of trouble in the world, a lot of violence in the world and a lot of starvation and a lot of people without water,” Starr said.

“I’m a big supporter of Water Aid because everyone should at least have water… It’s not all bombs and guns.”

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The musician, who was also promoting new album Give More Love at his public birthday celebration, has previously said he is a “huge fan” of the EU but was disappointed it had not brought upon a “love fest”.

A recent survey by Survation indicated a changing attitude towards Brexit in the UK, with 54% indicating they would want to stay in the union given a second referendum and 46% preferring to leave.

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