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That raise you got might complicate saving for retirement, but advisors have workarounds

Supoj Buranaprapapong | Getty ImagesIt's always nice getting a raise, but it could affect your ability to save for retirement through your 401(k) plan.Highly compensated employees — those making more than $ 130,000 annually — may not be able to contribute the maximum to their tax-deferred retirement plan if their lower-paid colleagues aren't diligently socking funds away, too.The 2020 and 2021 limits for deductible contributions to a 401(k) plan are $ 19,500, or $ 26,000 including a $ 6,500 optional catch-up contribution for people over age 50.Highly compensated employees, however, may not be able to contribute those maximum amounts. HCEs are defined as anyone who makes more than the $ 130,000 income threshold or who — along with their spouse and/or family members — owns more than 5% ...
Battles over safe Ebola burials complicate work in Congo

Battles over safe Ebola burials complicate work in Congo

A runaway hearse carrying an Ebola victim has become the latest example of sometimes violent community resistance that complicates efforts to contain a Congo outbreak, causing a worrying new rise in cases. The deadly virus' appearance for the first time in the far northeast has sparked fear. Suspected contacts of infected people have tried to slip away. Residents have assaulted health teams. The rate of new Ebola cases has more than doubled since the start of this month, experts say. Safe burials are particularly sensitive as some outraged family members reject health workers' guidance and put their own lives at risk. On Wednesday, a wary peace was negotiated over the body of an Ebola victim, one of 95 deaths among 170 confirmed cases so far, Congo's health ministry said. Her family dema...