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Yemeni town thrives on extortion and torture of migrants

Zahra struggled in the blue waters of the Gulf of Aden, grasping for the hands of fellow migrants. Hundreds of men, women and teenagers clambered out of a boat and through the surf emerging, exhausted, on the shores of Yemen. The 20-year-old Ethiopian saw men armed with automatic rifles waiting for them on the beach and she clenched in terror. She had heard migrants' stories of brutal traffickers, lurking like monsters in a nightmare. They are known by the Arabic nickname Abdul-Qawi — which means Worshipper of the Strong. "What will they do to us?" Zahra thought. ——— This story is part of an occasional series, "Outsourcing Migrants," produced with the support of the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting. ——— She and 300 other Africans had just endured six hours crammed in a wooden smuggling...
Global cyberattack may have aimed for havoc, not extortion

Global cyberattack may have aimed for havoc, not extortion

The cyberattack that has locked up computers around the world while demanding a ransom may not be an extortion attempt after all, but an effort to create havoc in Ukraine, security experts say. "There may be a more nefarious motive behind the attack," Gavin O'Gorman, an investigator with U.S. antivirus firm Symantec, said in a blog post . "Perhaps this attack was never intended to make money, rather to simply disrupt a large number of Ukrainian organizations." The rogue program landed its heaviest blows on the Eastern European nation, where the government, dozens of banks and other institutions were sent reeling. It disabled computers at government agencies, energy companies, cash machines, supermarkets, railways and communications providers. Many of these organizations had recovered by T...