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U.N.: Fixing climate, biodiversity and land degradation will cost $8.1 trillion

U.N.: Fixing climate, biodiversity and land degradation will cost $8.1 trillion

May 27 (UPI) -- Planet Earth is in desperate need of funding, according to the United Nations. According to a new report -- published Thursday by the U.N. Environment Program and the World Economic Forum -- an $ 8.1 trillion investment in nature is required to solve the planet's compounding climate, biodiversity and land degradation crises. Advertisement To curb climate change, reduce biodiversity losses and heal the planet's degraded habitat, scientists suggest annual funding for nature-based solutions will need to reach $ 536 billion by 2050, a four-fold increase over current expenditures. The authors of the new report suggest one of the most effective ways to invest in nature is to redirect capital flows away from fossil fuels -- by ending oil and gas subsidies, for example -- and towa...

Some foreign workers were sent stimulus checks in error. Fixing the mistake won’t be easy

Cabania | iStock | Getty Images PlusWhen the U.S. government sent out urgent stimulus checks this spring, some people who had already died received money.Now it seems another ineligible group may be getting checks: foreign workers.Reports surfaced this week that a number of those recipients are now living in their home countries. Just how big the problem could be is unknown.To date, an estimated 160 million stimulus checks have been sent, according to the Treasury Department.More from Personal Finance:How negotiations over second $ 1,200 stimulus checks could shape upWhy you might not see cash from a payroll tax cutWhy IPOs like Rocket Companies can be a tricky play for investors"They were learning while doing," Janet Holtzblatt, senior fellow at the Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center, sai...
43 states, Puerto Rico sue drugmakers in generic price fixing

43 states, Puerto Rico sue drugmakers in generic price fixing

May 11 (UPI) -- Attorneys general in 43 states and Puerto Rico have filed a joint lawsuit accusing drugmakers of fixing prices for generic drugs used to treat arthritis, diabetes and other serious ailments. The suit, filed a Connecticut federal court Friday, alleges that pharmaceutical companies conspired to inflate and artificially control prices for more than 100 generic drugs. The suit also names 15 current and former executives in charge of marketing, pricing and sales at drug companies that include Teva Pharmaceutical, Mylan NV and a unit of Pfizer Inc. "We have hard evidence that shows the generic drug industry perpetuated a multibillion-dollar fraud on the American people," William Tong, Connecticut's attorney general, said in a statement. "We have email, text messages, telephone r...