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The unemployment labyrinth may have killed this musician’s dream

The Going Jessies. Derek Wood (center), Angela Paradis (right) and James Breeding (left)Photo: Derek WoodDerek Wood was about to achieve a lifelong dream. Unemployment benefits may prove to be his foil.Wood, 47, a guitar player and songwriter from the Little Rock, Ark., area, who sings with a soulful country-blues croon, quit his job in December to pursue music full-time.The time seemed right. His band, The Going Jessies, was playing more at popular local joints and doing more multi-day road tours. The three-piece group — which includes Wood's partner, Angela Paradis — released its first full album in 2019.That dream is slipping away.Derek Wood, guitarist and vocalist for The Going Jessies, a band based near Little Rock, Arkansas, and Angela Paradis, bassist and vocalist.Photo: John Shute ...
Look: GFriend shares tracklist for ‘Labyrinth’

Look: GFriend shares tracklist for ‘Labyrinth’

Jan. 21 (UPI) -- South Korean girl group GFriend is sharing new details about its album Labyrinth. The K-pop stars released a tracklist for the album Tuesday on Twitter. Labyrinth will feature six songs, including the title track "Crossroads." The other songs are "Labyrinth," "Here We Are," "Eclipse," "Dreamcatcher" and "From Me." On Monday, GFriend teased its concepts for Labyrinth in the special video "A Tale of the Glass Bead: Previous Story." The video opens with idyllic shots of GFriend existing in harmony, but the group is torn apart by power and envy. "Envy is like a seed planted in our hearts, growing on its own without water or care, twisting its vines amongst us," the narrator says. "We were divided, our backs turned on each other." The narrator reflects on how their power migh...