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9 million Americans will get letters about missing stimulus checks. Here’s where those notices are going

Sarah Casillas | DigitalVision | Getty ImagesThe IRS has a message for about 9 million Americans: You could still be eligible for a $ 1,200 stimulus check.The government has sent out about 160 million stimulus checks since legislation authorized those payments in the spring.Still, millions of Americans have yet to receive any money for one key reason: They typically don't file federal tax returns, usually because their income is too low, and consequently do not have information on file with the IRS.More from Personal Finance:At least 20 states start paying extra $ 300 weekly unemploymentThe CDC banned evictions, but some renters are still vulnerableStill haven't filed a 2019 tax return? Penalties about to get steeperThose Americans have until Oct. 15 to use the tax agency's non-filer too...
Thailand cave rescue: Boys tell parents 'don't worry' in letters

Thailand cave rescue: Boys tell parents 'don't worry' in letters

The Thai boys trapped in a cave have exchanged emotional letters with their parents, for the first time since their ordeal began two weeks ago."Don't worry, we are all strong," one child said in a note. "Teacher, don't give us lots of homework!" he joked.The team's coach apologised to parents in a separate letter, but parents wrote that he should not blame himself.The 12 boys and the coach were exploring the cave when they became trapped by flood waters on 23 June.The handwritten letters from the group were handed to British divers on Friday and released on the Thai Navy Seal Facebook page on Saturday."Don't worry about me, I'm safe." a boy nicknamed Pong said. Another wrote: "Nick loves Mum and Dad and siblings. If I can get out...
Einstein letters on God, McCarthy, Israel go up for auction

Einstein letters on God, McCarthy, Israel go up for auction

A collection of letters written by Albert Einstein is set to go to auction next week, offering a new glimpse at the Nobel-winning physicist's views on God, McCarthyism and what was then the newly established state of Israel. The five original letters, dated 1951 to 1954 and signed by Einstein, reveal a witty and sensitive side of the esteemed scientist. They were sent to quantum physicist David Bohm, a colleague who fled the United States for Brazil in 1951 after refusing to testify about his links to the Communist Party to the House Un-American Activities Committee. Bohm's widow's estate put the documents on the block after she passed away last year. One of the yellowing pages, bearing Einstein's signature and embossed seal, and a handwritten general relativity equation, opens at $ 8,000...