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10% upside or 20% downside? Here are the projections for result day market swing

NEW DELHI: Even if the election outcome on May 23 delivers shock verdict, Dalal Street is unlikely to swing more than 10 per cent. Analysts say the market has already witnessed severe battering from non-political factors like adverse global cues and mixed March quarter earnings and valuations have come off quite a bit. “I do not think there is any optimism left. People are cautious; they are suffering because of economic pain. The approach should be to get the house in order rather to going overboard with optimism,” Ravi Dharamshi, CIO, ValueQuest Investment Advisors, told ETNow. In May alone, the market has taken a major hit following the April losses. Indian market been one of the top losers among major emerging markets so far in May amid renewed concerns over the US-China trade war. Agg...
Philip Green brings in new blood as he prepares to swing axe

Philip Green brings in new blood as he prepares to swing axe

Sir Philip Green has appointed two restructuring specialists to the boards of his Arcadia retail empire as he prepares a major overhaul.Jamie Drummond Smith, chairman of finance group Cattles, becomes chairman of Topshop, Topman, Arcadia Group, and the ultimate parent company Taveta.He was previously Cattles' chief restructuring office.Peter Bloxham, ex-head of restructuring and insolvency at law firm Freshfields, is also appointed to the board.Mr Bloxham has been advising the company on its future plans. Their expertise is particularly relevant as Sir Philip is preparing to announce a big restructuring which is expected to involve a form of insolvency proceedings called a company voluntary arrangement (CVA), allowing the company to exit or reduce rental ...
Curiosity rover sees seasonal Mars methane swing

Curiosity rover sees seasonal Mars methane swing

It may only be a very small part of Mars' atmosphere but methane waxes and wanes with the seasons, scientists say. The discovery made by the Curiosity rover is important because it helps narrow the likely sources of the gas. On Earth, those sources largely involve biological emissions - from wetlands, paddy fields, livestock and the like. No-one can yet tie a life signature to Mars' methane, but the nature of its seasonal behaviour probably rules out some geological explanations for it. "For the first time in the history of Mars methane measurements, we have something that's repeatable," said Dr Chris Webster, a US space agency (Nasa) scientist working on Curiosity. "It's like trying to find a fault on your car. If it's intermit...