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These five cities have everything you are looking for in retirement

For retirees, Boca Raton, Florida, is out and Chesterfield, Missouri, is in.

Those were the findings of an analysis of the best cities for seniors to retire by GoodCall, a firm that compiles consumer research related to personal finance.

GoodCall’s analysts studied 1,662 cities and towns in the United States and ranked the top 100 for retirees.

The Midwest dominated the top five cities on the list, nabbing first, second and fourth places. Meanwhile, Boca Raton, a retiree favorite, came in at a humble 64th place.

Low state income taxes matter to seniors, but they’re not the only issue to consider. The study also weighed the migration patterns of those over 65, health-care costs, weather, crime rates and the availability of arts and recreation.

The highest-ranked cities tended to be smaller, averaging about 45,000 residents. They also offered lower health-care costs, averaging about 5 percent below the national average cost.

“Because seniors anticipate more health problems, they are also looking for abundant and affordable health care, and places with better tax environments to make their money go further,” said Claire Etheridge, data analyst for GoodCall.

Here are the best cities to put down roots during your golden years.

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