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Typhoon Noru takes aim at southern Japan

Aug. 1 (UPI) — Typhoon Noru is expected to intensify in the western Atlantic Ocean as it nears southern Japan over the weekend, forecasters said Tuesday.

The now-Category 2 storm packed 105 mph winds and is moving northeast toward slightly warmer waters. It strengthened to a Category 5 on Sunday, weakened Monday and is expected to gain power again as it gets closer to Japan, Weather Underground reported.

Noru’s current track means it could make landfall in southern Honshu Island, Kyushu Island and the Ryukyu Islands, but will likely miss the major population center of Tokyo, The Weather Channel reported.

Beyond southern Japan, Noru could hit parts of the Korean peninsula, and parts of central and northern Japan depending on when it turns northward.

For a period of time last week, Noru and Tropical Cyclone Kulap interacted with one another in a phenomenon called the Fujiwhara effect, wherein two tropical storms spin around each other in a counter-clockwise motion.

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